Hello everyone! It’s me, resident horse-person Abracadaniel, bringing to you all a fun little project. I like reading, and I like writing, but I’m incredibly lazy. It makes me the unique snowflake that I am. So, in order to refill my creative juices and write something nice, I will be allowing all of you to lay your wonderful juices all over me. I’ll be laying down some bones for all of you to add organs and squishy meat to, and I’ll be fleshing out a story based on your contributions, suggestions, and ideas (those are all the same thing in this context, but in the entertainment industry, we do things in threes).

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This is how it’s gonna work: We, as a collective, will create the background details. Who is the protagonist, where are they, what do they have with them etc. From there, we’ll set up the situation our protagonist finds them self in, and how they choose to react to this situation. I will use the replies that have the most stars, or use my own discretion in selecting something that I feel will do some good for the story. Go nuts. I give no fucks.


Example: Jensen Flertiburfer wakes up in a dark cave, and finds he has a flare in his pocket and a thermos full of bourbon whiskey. Someone suggests he lights the flare and finds his way out. Another suggests starting a fire and establishing a base of operations. Everyone gives kudos and stars to the fire idea, and so Jensen gets naked, douses his clothes in the whiskey, and attempts to light it by throwing the flare on it. The flare gets too wet and goes out, because the whiskey wasn’t a high enough proof and this isn’t a Hollywood movie. Jensen then spends three days in the dark doing his best to get intoxicated by sucking on his shirt. He achieves nirvana while focusing on the gentle sound of the wind whirling around him, and his own existential dread. Jensen ascends to a higher realm of being, and leaves behind his physical body. YYyyyayyyyyyyyyyyy!

Now, you should sorta have an idea of how this works. If not, just pretend and say facetious things in the comments. Let’s begin.

The rising sun peeks out over the horizon, possibly over a body of water, some mountains, maybe just plain dirt and grass, whatever. You’re not totally sure as you got here at night and hadn’t had a chance to totally grasp the surroundings. In a terrible state of exhaustion after a long journey in the evening, you simply threw your belongings next to your bed and fell asleep before your head hit the pillow. Or maybe you laid awake most of the night staring at the ceiling. You’re having trouble even grasping your own personality and psyche. Sleep deprivation is a hell of a thing.

Regardless, sunlight is firing full blast through the window, and hitting you right in the gosh darn eyes. You cover your head with a pillow, but after stirring for awhile, you recognize it’s a futile attempt. You kick your legs over the side of the bed, and take a moment to scan your surroundings. Peering around, you notice a free-standing a closet, an armoire, an oval-shaped mirror atop a small desk, and a few other simple furnishings. More importantly, a kettle sits provocatively atop a wood-burning stove alongside a cast-iron skillet. Things are about as log-cabiny as a log cabin could be in here. You begin to wonder why people think it is some sort of cozy get-away to live like an 19th century coal miner.


You yawn and stretch as people do, and feel a few satisfying pops and cracks in your back. You finally plant your feet on the ground, and walk over to the stove. You get the stove going, fill the kettle with water, and toss it on top. You dampen a washcloth with water, and go to the mirror.

[Tutorial] In the next section, you will be asked a question, and you may provide your suggestions below in the comment section. In this instance in particular, there will be several questions asked that need answers. You may want to think upon how you will answer now, and it is advised that you wait until the end to provide input. Or not. I’m not the boss of you.


*You sit on the small stool in front of the mirror already wiping the sleep from your eyes. You drape the washcloth over the back of your neck and shoulders. You rub your eyes, and gaze into the mirror like the vain person you are. What do you see? [Press reply to input the identifying features of the protagonist]

*After coming to grips with who you are as a person, you decide to toss on some clothes, as you apparently have wide open windows and some sense of modesty. You, perhaps, may even decide that today is the day you give up on modesty. You pop open your clothes-holding/general things container of choice, and dig out a few articles of clothing. What do you put on? [Press reply to input what the protagonist will wear]


*Having successfully donned outerwear you feel suits (teehee) your personality, you decide to prop yourself up on your elbows and gaze majestically at your surroundings. What do you see? [Press reply to input the identifying features of your surroundings, and also what might be going on out there]

*The kettle lets out a few angry burbles, and you set it aside. You put on some [tea, coffee, or absolutely nothing you boring person], and set it aside to steep. You plop down on the couch and decide what to do with your day. What crazy or mundane adventure will you find yourself in today? [Press reply to input your actions]


And there you have it. Get to it, folks. What should our hero/villain get into today?

P. S. Artist collaboration would be highly appreciated.

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