There has been a leak of an upcoming Tomb Raider game I don’t know anything about. I also don’t really play games or write or whatever. I don’t know how to embed videos from anything other than youtube, but the leaked material isn’t on youtube. So if you’re interested in looking at an older trailer from last year, I will do a review on that trailer after the jump. I don’t know what a jump is, but I see people who post things put stuff like that. I think it will help draw numbers to the art that is my word usage.

As you can see, Altair is seeing a guy who’s talking about going on walks and seeing new horizons, but the ironic thing here is that he’s actually running in his head movies instead of walking, and there’s a bear there because that’s totally random (lol amirite?), and then he’s falling down a slippery slope because that’s the best kind of fallacy to use in an argument.


Then Altair is hanging from a cliff looking at a lot of grey stuff because grey is really edgy, but this game will have tons of Anti-Aliasing so they have to make up for those lack of edges by being super grim-dark.

Altair then straight up murders some guy for a flare. He then goes into a cave and says he has become who he was meant to be, and that person is Lara Croft. It’s a well known fact that everyone wants to be Lara, and I’m really happy for Altair that he’s been able to chase his dreams and make it a reality. The Tomb Raider has risen.

There’s no actual game play yet but that’s okay. I rate this trailer a 3/5 for good jokes and bringing back the flare from Tomb Raider II, but knock it off 2 points for not letting the bear be Lara Croft, too.

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